Work method

When choosing a traffic school it is normal to be critical. Following a car drivertraining is a once in a lifetime experience. We train many young people for their drivinglicense but we are also there for all other ages. Our instructors are friendly people who like to shift to a higher gear if you are 'talented', but also are the patient enough if things get harder.
During the lessons we will train you to become a responsible, safe and social traffic participant.
We'll guide you in a friendly and relaxed manner to that "one moment" : Passing your driving exam.

This you can expect from us:
Guaranteed quality
Highly effective teaching methods
Well qualified instructors
No waitinglist
Very sharp tuition rates

When you sign up with us to start the driving education, we always make an assessment. The purpose of this trial lesson is to determine whether the student already have some ablility to drive and how quickly you can learn new abilities. At the end of the intake the instructor will discuss the following: all the things you can expect during the exam, the possibilities as regards a package of lessons, information about the quantity of lessons you might need and what the costs finally will be.

You must have a passed the theory test before you can do the practical exam. From the age of 16 years you may take the theory test. The theory certificate is valid for 1,5 years from the day it was passed.

Driving lessons
All students will receive an instruction map from us. With this map the instructor will update the progress, so you can see clearly what will be the next subject during the lessons and things a student has to improve to become an better driver. All lessons are structured in a logical order (from easy to hard). We provide driving lessons in a comfortable, non-smoking environment including airconditioning.

Interim test
During your practical training, an optional interim test may be taken. An interim test is a driving test that runs like a real exam. This test is the perfect opportunity to get used to an exam situation and identify any nervousness you might feel during such an exam situation. After the test the examiner will give you advice on all aspects of your driving performance. During this test you can earn an exemption for the component special maneuvers. If you perform them correctly during the test, you will not have to perfom them during your next exam. Research from SWOV (Institute for Road Safety Research) has shown that the interim test can increase chances of passing the final examination by 20 percent.

Practical exam
At the CBR exam centre, first you will be acquainted with the examiner. He explains how the exam runs and checks your ID and your valid theory certificate. The exam begins with a vision test in the parking area (reading number plates of parked cars from a distance of 25 metres). After that the examiner request you to execute a number of preparatory and control acts on the exam car.

After the preparations the ride begins. The examiner amongst other things pays attention to you controlling the car, your viewing habits, you giving priorities and you taking the other road users in account. He criticizes/judges you on seven exam parts, e.g. your behaviour at intersections and the special maneuvers. During the exam you will be driving indepently about ten or fifteen minutes to a certain destination. If you have earned an exemption for the component special maneuvers then this part of the exam will be cleared/skipped.

During the exam you will get enough opportunities to show your skills/abilities. It is not necessary to drive flawless, the overall picture is important. What is significant is how you react to the rest of the traffic and if you can control the situation. The examiner judges if you can take part of the road in a safe and independent way. Results are issued immediately after the test by the examiner at the CBR exam centre.